Omg!!! this weekend was soooooooo much fun Lauren and I got up to so much stuff from eating gelato to kicking it to Kendala  pools.
On Saturday after Lauren and her Dad picked me up we went to her Mums house to get some clothes ect… Once we had done that we said good bye to Caspar and Stella (her pet dogs) and set off to go to Wellington. Before we made it home we made a quick stop into the reading cinema mall to have some food Lauren and I both got teriyaki chicken IT WAS SO YUMMY!
Once we had finish Lauren and I went to Wendys and brought a frozen yoghurt to share with chocolate toppings.Once we had finished all of that we then for a little walk down the road to EB games (a gaming shop) randomly there were people standing outside a big group of them we soon realized there were people in the middle talking about livers and stuff, we didn’t really take much notice.
Once we had done that we walked back to the car and went home to watch moves and have food (: haha but first we had to go out and get the movies so we did so while buying lollies :3 nom nom nom.
The movies we got out were,
Jack and Jill.
Meet the parents.
Breaking dawn Part two.
Once we had watched over half of them and had dinner and eaten all of our lollies and snacks, we went to bed.
Sunday!!!! Once we woke up we went out into the lounge area and watch some television then had some coco pops and watched the rest of titanic.
Now after getting dressed we were out the door going to Kendala pools (I had never been there before so it was a fun first experience).

After getting dressed into our togs we went into the pools sadly some of them were close :\ but luckily not all of them haha.
I found it really fun playing in the area we were in because it wasn’t too shallow and it was too deep (not that it matter ) we gave each other solder rides and played volleyball, well tried.
After half an hour to an hour had past we left.As we went out of the pools Lauren asked her Dad if we could get some gelato,
I had never tried it in Wellington the only time I had tried it was in Auckland, We soon went over and got some I don’t know the exacted place but it was amazing I have to say it’s better then Auckland (no afence )

Off that subject now onto the way home as we were on our way we got a call from Lauren’s Mum and she said that she was in Wellington so we ended up getting a ride with her which was quite convenient, On our way home without realizing how tierd I was Lauren and I both dozed off and went to sleep.
As I woke up we had made it back to my house !!!

Hey Guys thanks for reading anyways BYE!!!!
Natasha AKA Poppy

Image: 'Gnammy Ice Cream' Found on

Image: ‘Gnammy Ice Cream’
Found on

what i’m doing today :D

Image: 'Free Train Station Girls Talking on Cell+Phones+Creative+Commons' Found on

Image: ‘Free Train Station Girls Talking on Cell+Phones+Creative+Commons’
Found on

Today i’m going to have a sleepover at my friend Lauren’s Dad’s house, to be honest i’m quite excited.

Lauren told me that usually her Dad doesn’t let people come on a Saturday to Sunday because it’s there family day ….. I FEEL SPECIAL 😉

Straight after netball Lauren and her Dad will be coming over to pick me up and take me into Wellington.

I’ll Keep you updated later on what I’ve been up to …. anyways I better let ya go BYE!!!!


2014 Calenders

Just resonantly our class room was working on our 2014 abacus calenders, I chose to do a cat thinking of food because I once had a cat (Pip) who obviously loved food.I have to say she looks a little like what I drew but she was a little more colourful ? if you catch my flow?

Haha anyways the reason I did that was for my cat and for the background I copied the patterning from a piece of my sisters artwork.
Check out her old blog from last year you will hopefully find her art from late year (Miss T made cards out of her art work).

(URL to Emma’s post- )

So Heres my artwork … Thanks 🙂





Make up!!!

Lately my friends and I have been playing around with make up, I really enjoy mucking around with it with doing silly things  such as blind make up challenge or even with normal make up like going out to dinner or something.

So today I’m going to give you some tips with applying and storage ideas that I got off a really good make up artist Michelle Phan she’s my inspiration, I might even show you a video of her later on 🙂

Tip one on Storage-

A good idea for storage with your make up brushes is to get a used candle glass or even just a container with no lid pour in some  rice , salt or even little pebbles about a quarter of the way, then place your brushes in there and your ready to go.

Tip two on Storage-

Another great storage idea is get your containers obviously with no lid and stick then together how ever you want now place them to the side the put in things like lip glosses, lip balms,lip sticks or even your eye products?

Now that’s all for some of the main ideas on storage now we’re going onto apply and keeping it clean and fresh if you know what I mean.


Mascara – Wiggle the wand left to right at the base of lashes don’t go over to many times other wise it makes it look to thick unless you like it like that?

Eyeliner- I find when applying eyeliner don’t go onto your water line or tight line which is the top part and bottom part of your eyes.Also when applying I like to keep it under my eyelash , if you get what I mean like under the waterline?

Lipstick- You might find it annoying when you get lipstick on your teeth , outer lip and other places a great tip I got from my sister was to use a lip brush to get to of a clean edge, in better form precise edges (if that makes sense )

Foundation- Although I don’t wear foundation I find that lots of people who cake it on have bad skin maybe just a little and if your my age (12) I probably would disagree I mean come on at this age?  comment down below your opinion.

Removing Make up – When wearing foundation make sure to remove your make up with baby wipes , make a liquid remover stuff I found out just recently that if you don’t remove all your make up it will close your pores and your skin won’t look good :\

Now that is all for my tips but before you stop reading I’m going to now show you a video of Michelle phan I now I said maybe before but I’m gonna do it so here it is!!!

This tutorial is aimed on a formal look as you can see from the title  –

OMG she’s amazing!!!

Thanks anyways BYE!!!!

Natasha 😀 😉 🙂

Book review-Iris’s Ukulele by Kathy Taylor

Hey Guys I know it’s a bit short , sorry.
Hopefully by next week I will have more up ?

Have you ever wanted to be a famous rapper and ukulele player well Iris and her best friend ever Sidney do, Once there dreams come true they want to go to Musical Universe Where they will start there music group Yendis and Siri (Sidney and Iris backwards).

Once that dream has come true the best they can do is audition for the talent quest.
First price $100 Sidney was telling Iris’ from the poster he say in the mall, we can split it 50-50 “Deal” Iris said.

The big day is just around the corner , will they be successful or will everything crumble will Sidney and Iris keep to there own ways  or stick together?

It’s all so confusing , Read Iris’s ukulele to fine out more 😀


First few steps to improve your flexibility


Me doing a toe touch










I know your all thinking what is even the point of this post well I will tell you , many of people have been asking me on instagram and other sites how do I do this or that do I decided to do a “How to improve your flexibility”

Step 1.I know lots of people say stretch everyday so one well i’m going to tell you that again because it does really help.

Step 2.If your just a beginner take it step by step don’t rush things because you could hurt yourself.

Step 3.A really good stretch is to sit on the group and lean into a pike which is sitting down with your head to your knees yes it takes time just go a little bit farther every time.

When learning how to do the splits step three would probably be the best place to start them once you have done that try slipping down into them ( it will take a while) another good way would probably going up a wall with one leg up and the other down leaning to something or someone in front of you.

I guess that’s it for now , Thanks

Natasha 🙂


My Favourite Lip Balms

I’ve been so excited to do this post because recently my friend Caitlin came back from America and while she was over there she got three EOS which is a type of lip balm and sadly I have an obsession over them as well as others but I will name them later so basically i’m going to tell you a bit about them then go ahead and rate then (just putting it out there I didn’t copy Petra’s post randomly we were doing the same thing haha check out Petra’s post @ )

EOS- EOS lip balm is a round like lip balm case with a small like dome inside which is your lip balm the cool thing about it is that it comes in many different flavours and colours .When Caitlin came back we all wanted one and now all of us love them <3 yes I know I haven’t tried them or anything but I would probably give it for it’s smell and look 10/10 hehe.

Lip Smackers- Lip Smackers is a type of lip balm that comes in the randomiest of flavours such as coca-cola , spite and many other fizzy drink flavours  they also make normal ones such as  strawberry and grape that still smell amazing!!! , omg and they make huge ones almost the size of a big glue stick :O , yes I do have lip smackers they are great but a downer for them would probably be is that some of them stane your lips such as the cherry cola if you apply to much  (; 9/10

Baby Lips-  Omg Baby lips are amazing what I find funny is that in America they have baby lips as lip sticks mean while over here in New Zealand we have them as lip balms/lip gloss thingys.I really like baby lips because they smell amazing like all of the others and they are really moistening for your lips  a bad thing about baby lips is that the one I have (Mixed berrys lips glow O.o) staines your lips and if you go skiing and forget lip balm and then get back and apply if all over your lips , yeah not so great of an idea 9/10

yes I know I know your all probably thinking you haven’t even tried EOS and your rating it as 10/10 well I can’t change the way I think of them and I can only rate bad on lip smackers and baby lips because I’ve tried them but anyways lets look past that for now just make sure to leave a comment on your favourite lip balms or lip glosses , haha!!!

Image: 'Lip Smackers ... Baby!' Found on

Image: ‘Lip Smackers … Baby!’
Found on

Thanks, Natasha 🙂


How to make pancakes


  •  110 grams of plain flour
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 200 milliliters of  milk mixed with 75 milliliters of water
  • 50 grams of butterMethods!!!
  • Sift the flour and salt into mixing bowl preferably big.
  • Now to add the eggs make a hole in the middle of your flour then crack your two eggs into the middle of the well we will call it.
  • Now get a frying pan with a little bit of oil in it if you don’t have oil just use a little bit of butter , now get a ladle or a big spoon and pour the mixer into the pan when hot.Now your have perfect pancakes!!! 😀 (when cooked haha)

    Now I bet your all wondering why i’m making this post well it’s because I love pancakes
    Anyways haha , from Natasha 🙂

    Image: 'mmm... pancakes' Found on

    Image: ‘mmm… pancakes’
    Found on



My Best friends

Today I would Just like to do a wee post on some of my best friends and what are the main things that stand out about them to me……

Well first I have to say they are always by my side although we can get a little silly which in the end turns out fine,I couldn’t ask for better best friends.

I know this is getting cheesey but i’m like that as well as weird and yes my best friends except that.

Yes i’m weird and random and I can do all kind of things but the best thing about it is to do it with my best friends.

Your probably thinking why is she doing this but today i’m going to make recognition of my best friends.

I could go on and on and on all day about how great of friends they are but im just going to keep this simply with a little quote/poem I found.

I know i’m only 12 and this is really random of me but you know who cars so here it is.

When we first talked to each other
I knew we would always be friends.
Our friendship has kept on growing
And I’ll be here for you to the end.

You listen when I have a problem
And help dry the tears from my face.
You take away my sorrow
And put happiness in its place.

We can’t forget the fun we’ve had
Laughing ’til our faces turn blue.
Talking of things only we find funny
People think we’re insane-If they only knew!

I guess this is my way of saying thanks
For catching me when I fall.
Thanks once again for being such a good friend
And being here with me through it all.

– Rachel Ellis
I would just like to dedicate this post to Caitlin , Charlotte , Sahara , Simone , Monique , Petra , Therese and all my other close friends , sorry if I missed you in a rush BYE!!!!

Natasha 🙂