Quizzzzzzz timeeeee (all about me)

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Question one-

What is my favourite sport is it








Question two-

What is my favourite song is it

-I wanna see you be brave by Sara Bareilles

-Elastic heart by Sia

-Royals by Lorde

-Dark horse by Katy Perry ft

-Story my life One Direction


-The Fox Ylivis

Question three-

What is my favourite food is it






Hey guys so that was the end of the quiz hope you enjoyed it anyways I better go 🙂

Byeeeee, Happy Blogging.

Natasha 😀






Pete’s Emporium

Sadly I didn’t go to Pete’s emporium in the weekend so i’m not going as hello kitty anymore 🙁 i’m going as a …… NERD!!!! hehe


I do have  fair idea of what i’m wearing-

-Rainbow suspenders

-Shorts (or jeans)

-School socks


-Tie died top (red and white)


Make up and Hair-

-Brown eyeliner (for three dots on my cheeks).

-Two big messy pig tales


Image: 'Nerd'  http://www.flickr.com/photos/76261353@N00/7491311 Found on flickrcc.net

Image: ‘Nerd’
Found on flickrcc.net



Hey Guys,

YAY! I finally have a fair idea for what i’m going as for Halloween, I was looking up on Google some Halloween costume ideas and what do you know I found one.

I’m not going to straight up tell you what i’m going as  i’m going to make this a bit more exciting with a quiz 😀 .

It starts with “H” and the second word to it ends with “Y”

It’s white and cute.

She usually wears a red bow on the side on her head.

One twist though you can’t have the same answer as somebody else so quickly comment and the winner with be up on my next post.

By the way this is just an idea i’m not sure if i’m definitely going as this but I will soon tell you guys tomorrow because i’m going to Pete’s emporium :D.

Natasha 🙂


☠ Halloween ☠

Yay,this halloween im actually excited for because im going with my friends Charlotte and Simone (we might have sahara and stuff tag along too but some have things to atend to).

If you see down the side of my page it will say how long until halloween I think theres about 7 days?

Anyways so just putting it out there i only to it for the candy i bet all of you do I mean come on -.-

Moving on from that I don’t really know what to dress up as if you guys could help my commenting down below on what i should go as it will be very helpful.

Okay enough of that I have to go now, till next time goodbye!!!!!

Image: 'Happy Halloween to all Friends !'  http://www.flickr.com/photos/30054343@N07/6281198069 Found on flickrcc.net

Image: ‘Happy Halloween to all Friends !’
Found on flickrcc.net



On Monday at about 7:00 am I had to get up and ready for a awesome week at Camp Vertical Horizon.

Looking back at it now it was much better then last time (not saying that it was bad last time :S )

Anyways as we were all in a rush I got dressed had my breakfast and was out the door in no time although it did take me awhile to take my huge bag out the door.

School!!! As I walked into the gate being greeted by many people I place my bag down on the damp concrete ground.

Once I had put my bags down Mr Smithson came over and took my bag to place into the trailer then I strolled over to see my friends.

Once everyone had arrived we got into our cars I was in Sara’s  car with Simone, Mrs Gunson, Mr Sutherland and Sara obviously :).

On our way up we made a few pit stops but we made an extra stop to Sara’s family’s house.

While we were on the trampoline being silly we were back on the road in no time .

One more hour to go!!!

We’ve  made it to camp to be honest a lot of the stuff around had changed

(I hadn’t been there since 2011).

Once everyone had arrived we got our bags out and quickly went into our cabins to get first dibs on our beds I of course got the best bed 😉 .

Once that drama was over we quickly scurried down by the lake to have a safety discussion and to have a wee tour around the place.

Soon after that we all played around with the hockey sets found out our teams and so on


In Team Red was-








and ME!

Once our fun was over we finished it with a lovely dinner.
Then we were out again for another play then it was time for supper which was a biscuit and a sweet milo 🙂 .

Now the day was coming along and it was time for bed everyone got into their pjs and got ready for a great night of sleep (hehe not really we basically talk all night :3 )

The next day…

As we got up in the morning as excited as ever (well I was ) because today we were starting our activities Team Reds first activity was orienteering!!! to be honest this years orienteering was a lot better then last times because they we slightly different and we got candy at the end (shhhh).

Once we had done that we moved on to our next activity which was kayaking with the guidance of Karen and John who were parents of  some students in out team (Lauren and Clemie). Kayaking was to much fun Andrew the teacher for the activity was challenging us to gather three people together then stand up in the kayak and all link arms.


Sadly I can’t remember the exact order of our activities but here is a list of all the activities from camp (obviously not in order)-

As you know orienteering and kayaking…..


Flying Kiwi

Abseiling (for year 7 and 8)



Raft building

Three wire bridge

Zip line

Rock wall

Grass carts

I guess that’s about it comment down below if I have forgotten any.

Another fun activity we participated in was going to the swimming pools (On the Wednesday)… pictures down below

I Still haven’t mentioned the other fun things we did suck as the camp fire and the talent show thingy I could go on and on about how fun and entertaining it was but here are some photos.


IMG_1261 (3)




IMG_1260 (2)









Sorry to bore you with so many photos so bacically im going to leave you here for now, till next time goodbye!!!!







In about two days most of our class and the year sixes will be heading up to New Plymouth for our Vertical Horizon camp.
Although this is my second time i’m actually really excited!!!
This time I will be having more of my friends going like Caitlin and others who are year sevens (Caitlin sadly didn’t go last time) , but what also is great is that one i’m going up in my friend Simone car with her mum and company and I will also be in the same team as both of them , Simone and Caitlin.

Also on the way there we get to stop at sites such as …….

– Two really fun Parks.
– A bird sanctuary.
– And some where else just to have lunch (usually the park).

That’s all for today guys but I will keep in touch for what happens at camp and if you didn’t know already we will be up there from Monday to Friday …….
BYE Natasha 😀 😉 🙂

Stage ten!!!!

At the end of every term everyone in our class takes a spelling test for what ever stage they were on and just five minutes ago i found out that i got moved up to stage ten 😀
Last time I was only about 5 off but this time I go there 🙂 just a little note for everyone i’m not in any shape or form trying to rub this in your faces i’m just proud of myself I mean i’ve only been on the stage for three terms .

Thanks you! (sorry it was short )

Natasha 😀