Quizzzzzzz timeeeee (all about me)

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Question one-

What is my favourite sport is it








Question two-

What is my favourite song is it

-I wanna see you be brave by Sara Bareilles

-Elastic heart by Sia

-Royals by Lorde

-Dark horse by Katy Perry ft

-Story my life One Direction


-The Fox Ylivis

Question three-

What is my favourite food is it






Hey guys so that was the end of the quiz hope you enjoyed it anyways I better go 🙂

Byeeeee, Happy Blogging.

Natasha 😀






8 thoughts on “Quizzzzzzz timeeeee (all about me)

  1. Hey Tash
    I know your favorite sport is hockey. You favorite song is elastic heart by Sia, I know this because you talk about it ALL the time 🙂 I am going to say your favorite food is hot chips.
    Happy blogging
    Caitlin 🙂

  2. Hey guys,
    Thanks for everyone of your comment but congratulations to Charlotte who got them all right.
    2)Dark horse
    Many Thanks
    Natasha 🙂 😉 😛 😀

  3. Hey Natasha

    I know I posted a comment on your blog it’s just…..LEASE MAKE A ANOTHER Post 😉 because you are a really good writer and charlie, and you need to use that talent

    Over and out Pettywa

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